Welcome to my world

The Great Shutdown has been a shock for many extroverts. For the first time, extroverts are experiencing what introverts put up with most of the time: this is what it’s like to live in a world designed for the opposite temperament.

Right now, quiet time, slowing down, staying home, deep reflection, working solo, reaching out to small numbers of close friends, and patience are all things that have come to the fore. These are things introverts truly excel at.

In the current world of work, for example, skills that introverts tend to be better at like delegating and listening (you have to listen on Zoom or it doesn’t work) have escalated in importance. You can’t work remotely without doing these well.

Today, we are living in an introvert world. And the benefits are clear. More measured decision making is making us think seriously of our collective future. Increased cautiousness is saving lives. Compassionate behaviour is providing a soothing balm for our mental health and a boost for community solidarity. Focussed diligence is at play in the composed world of vaccine development.

When the world ‘opens up’ after COVID-19 and the noise, busyness and intensity of life begins again, let’s not forget what we learned during our collective introvert time. Let us value the quiet ones among us, seek out the restraint inside ourselves, prize humble compassion and love persistence and peacefulness.

In the meantime, extroverts, please keep the dancing and singing videos coming. They are very funny.

This article was first published on LinkedIn as part of a series developed by Claire Kidd of predictions for a post-pandemic world: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6660683460526649345/