Need coronavirus comms help? I’ve got you COVID.

Like many businesses, Leigh Arnold Communications has done some serious pivoting in recent weeks in response to COVID-19.

I only say pivot because I know it drives a friend of mine nuts! Pivot, Kelly. Pivot.

But seriously, shifting the focus to COVID-19 related work has been a big change.

What has not changed is the ‘why’.

Sure, the subject matter is new (COVID-19) but the reason for the work is the same as ever: solving problems for clients.

The ethos of service that underpins my business continues. The mission to build connection and compassion through communications continues.

Helping my clients at this time involves asking the same questions as always: What problems and needs do you have now? How can I help you solve them? How can we do that in values-based ways?

Here are just some examples of the work I’ve been doing in the past month or so. Some identified and some de-identified (for example, where the project is not yet live).

  • General Practice Plus: Strategic comms planning, media, stakeholder relations, social media and marketing for the ‘Don’t Delay Your GP Visit’ campaign. All about encouraging patients to stay on top of their health during the pandemic.
  • Eat Well Tasmania: Strategic comms, media and copywriting for the ‘We Eat Local’ campaign. A great initiative to help Tasmanians buy fresh Tassie produce to cook at home during COVID-19 (while supporting local businesses and observing social distancing).
  • RANT Arts: communications advice on running Zoom forums which are engaging and build connection while also being productive and efficient.
  • A Tasmanian food and beverage company: Advice on best practice communications in the event of a staff member testing positive for COVID-19.
  • A local finance advice business: Strategic support, copywriting and website content for a values-based small business providing financial planning support to Tasmanians during the downturn.

I’m loving being involved in this work. Meeting clients’ needs. Solving their problems. Helping to promote solutions. Building connection and compassion during the pandemic.

If you’ve got your own comms problems or needs relating to COVID-19 and you’d like me to help you fix them, sing out.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash