Bridging the values gap

For any organisation, the gap between having values and living those values is the key.

It’s the gap that matters. How to bridge the gap.

It’s no good having professed values if they’re not lived –  Every. Single. Day.

Communications is the fastest, most far-reaching, most consistently successful and most readily available means to bridge the vales gap and bring your organisational values to life.

Which means professional communicators have a crucial role to play in bringing their organisation’s values to life.

In fact, in many cases, the comms person is the CVO – the Chief Values Officer.

Seen in this way, one of the most important parts of a comms person’s job is to give heart and soul to their organisation by bridging the values gap.

That’s a big responsibility. And also an awesome way to give extra meaning to your work.

And if you need help bridging the values gap in your organisation, please get in touch.

Photo by Manny Ribera on Unsplash