4 MORE great reasons to communicate your organisational values

In last week’s blog I gave you four great reasons to communicate your organisational values.

Here are four more reasons to do this. And the benefits it brings.

1.  Come aboard

Communicating values improves recruitment and retention.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 71% of professionals would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a company that has a mission they believe in and shared values.

So if your values are front and centre you are going to get and keep the right people.

Replacing and onboarding new employees is expensive. So you want to do it as little as possible. You want to get it right. And then spend the money you’ve saved achieving your organisational goals.

And attracting like-minded people who align with your values increases your capacity to deliver your strategic goals. If everyone’s rowing in the same direction you’ll get there quicker!

2. Easy decision

Communicating your organisational values makes strategic and operational decision making much easier.

If you know your values you’re often most of the way to making a decision.

Think about it. How often do you have to decide should I do this? Should I do that? Should we stop doing this? Should we pursue this opportunity? Should I issue a media response? And so on.

Now imagine making those decisions after having first checked in with your values. It’s much easier!

Your values will tell you whether you should or shouldn’t do something and also how you should (or shouldn’t) do it.

3. Getting to know you

Communicating your organisational values helps your stakeholders know what to expect from you.

If you communicate and live by your values people get to know what to expect from you. What you will do and say. And what you won’t do and say.

So you no longer have to negotiate your reputation over and over. People just know.

And that saves you time.

4. Whoops

We all make mistakes. What matters is how you respond.

And as you’re trying to extricate yourself from whatever hole you’ve landed in, it’s very helpful if your stakeholders are behind you, supporting your efforts.

And that’s where a track record of communicating your organisational values comes in handy.

If people see you living by your values they’re more likely to trust you. And that includes giving you a break when you stuff up.

And when you’re fighting fires, you are sure going to be grateful to have that credit in the bank with your stakeholders.

Values-based help

I hope you enjoyed this article (and last week’s).

If  you’d like help bringing your organisational values to life through communications, just reach out.

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