I see a growing appetite for a new type of communications.

I think the tide has changed and the old ways are dying. And about time too.

Aggression vs empathy

More and more of us are turned off by communications of aggression, negativity and bravado, carried out in pursuit of self-interest. We’re over spin. We’re done with rude.

There is a growing call for organisations to practice communications that align with deep values and celebrate emotional connection. Communications that embrace empathy and compassion and welcome soft skills like listening and consultation as strong qualities.

More than media

I believe the days are gone when communications could be treated as mostly media coverage and one-way messaging handed out to stakeholders. I like media relations. I like journalists. They play an important role. But the tired old cry of ‘get me more media coverage’ is just not cutting it.

We’re social creatures. We crave connection and belonging. We need to be seen and heard through intimate conversations. We yearn for deep dialogue and chances to act together. The practice of modern communications has to meet these fundamental human needs.

PR professionals

PR has got a bad name. And PR is partly to blame.

Clients, customers, the public are fed up with PR professionals who think the only solution is to over-talk (or worse still to mansplain). We’ve lost our appetite for people who pretend to know everything or who will easily set aside values for convenience or money.

I sense an ever-growing longing for communications professionals who have the decency to truly listen to clients and the people they serve, the courage to work with others collaboratively, the honesty and vulnerability to explore issues together in the face of doubt, and the heart to practice values-based communications underpinned by a non-negotiable compassion.


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